Full or partial electrical rewiring

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A full or partial electrical rewiring requires the skills and training of a qualified electrician.  CTA Electrics Ltd has been providing full and partial rewiring service to homeowners and landlords for more than 15 years. 

We operate in Liverpool, Merseyside, the Wirral and Cheshire.  We provide all of the services you require: a detailed initial survey, a fully costed quotation, the  installation of your new wiring and certification if the new system.

If you need the job doing and you want it done well, give us a call.

When Is Electrical Rewiring Necessary?

Your property is more than 20 years old

If your wiring is more than 20 years old, you will probably need to upgrade to ensure it complies with current safety standards. A modern family own and use a lot more electrical devices compared to when most UK houses were built.  This higher level of electricity usage can put the exisitng wiring under too much load, and could potentially be dangerous.  Most houses do not have anywhere near enough electrial sockets to meet modern requirements.`

You are planning renovation work

A full or partial electrical rewire might be required if you are planning major renovation work that would be defined as a ‘material alteration’ by the Building Regulations. This will usually include an upgrade of the fuse board. In the case of room extensions and attic or garage conversions, any new wiring will need to comply with Part P (Electrical Safety) of the Building Regulations.  You will need to improve existing wiring in those rooms to ensure it can safely carry additional loads; is earthed according to current requirements; and has satisfactory cross bonding. If you are remodelling or extending, the wiring in the rest of your property won’t need upgrading unless required by the Building Regulations’ energy efficient requirements, e.g. central heating controls.

What Does an Electrical Rewire Involve?

What CTA Electrics do when rewiring a home:

  • Fully assess the work required and provide you with a full quotation before we start detailing all the work required to make your property safe.
  • Check your existing connection to make sure it meets the correct legal requirements.
  • Test that your electrical circuit and fuse board are functioning correctly.
  • Check all sockets and power outputs to ensure they conform to current building regulations.
  • Carry out the rewire.
  • Perform a full electrical safety test on all wiring.
  • Provide a copy of a rewiring certificate for electrical installation, .
  • Treat your property like our  own.  No mess, no stress.

How Much Does it Cost to Rewire a House?

The cost of electrical rewiring varies depending on the size of the job and the property. Rewiring a four-bedroom house will normally cost more than the rewire of a two-bedroom house.  A partial rewire would not cost as much as a full rewire. 

Rewires start from £1,600.

A fully-qualified CTA Electrics electrican will carry out a survey and then we will give you a written quotation for your full or partial electrical rewiring.  You will be able to budget based on this fixed price.  If any unforeseen additional works are required we will provide another quotation.  We will not carry out any additional works without your authorisation.

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